Preparing for horse shows the right way

Horse show season is a very serious time of the year. Preparation is very important for both your horse and you. So, you need to work out what you’re doing and create a schedule to stick to.


The moment you know the shows you’re entering, start practising for the event right away. Try shortening and lengthening strides, so you can get the perfect distance between every jump; and always practise on fences which are a little higher than the ones in the show. This will help your horse stay composed and calm at the show. Similarly, when it comes to dressage, be confident your horse will be able to perform comfortably when asked to. So show them at a lower level than they are used to performing.


In the winter, horses tend to lose their fitness levels. Work on building it and getting them back to their peak before the show season begins. Get all the trimming and grooming done so that they look their best.


Think about the things you are going to need during the show. Not just you, your horse too. Make a list. If you are going to be staying at the show for a long time, so you will also need grain, hay, bedding, grooming equipment, first aid, buckets, and paperwork, etc.

Work on self-improvement

With so much focus on preparing your horse, you may just forget to prepare yourself. Well-fitting, good quality show clothes aren’t just comfortable, they will also help you create a good impression on the judges. Investing in new attire can go a very long way.

The best way to make sure your horses looks good during show season is to take care of them throughout the year. This means regular medical checks and grooming. Pay attention to their mane and tail, and make sure there are no tangles or knots. This will ensure they look their best throughout show season.

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