A quick system to help you place bets on horse racing

It is possible to book profits in horse racing. The chances of showing, placing and winning are quite high when done properly. For example, if some horses are evenly matched, money statistics could be used for predicting when they would place, win, or show. If horses had odds of 8-5 and you knew there was a possibility of showing 80% of times, and the show ticket was $3, the bet would be profitable.


Betting horses which pay $3 and winning 8 bets out of every 10 returns $24 each time you bet $20. This gives you a profit of 20%. This method is used even today. You could still do the math and try figuring out the possible results, but this method is much easier.

Naturally, if you spend enough time learning and apply formulas, you will get rewarded appropriately. But, if you only want a fun way to pick up some decent bets, this method is just what you’re looking for.

Good show for placing bets usually happen when there is one horse which is considered to be much better than the rest, and there is a second horse that is way better than the others in the field except the first.

It’s obvious that even though the second horse has less odds of winning, it has a greater amount on betting to offer. This tends to make it a favourite, and a good bet to place. A similar situation can also be found on the show pool. It’s usually the second choice which gets a ton of money, but hardly ever wins.

Even though there’s no guarantee this situation is going to be profitable in the long run, or would pay out eventually, it does give players a small edge over the house which can prove to be quite valuable. If you are looking for a bit more exciting you should read about live betting on horses here.

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